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Address:No.2555,Longteng Avenue  
Address:Longhua Gang and estuary of Huangpu River  
Address:No.113 Wukang Road  WebSite:http://www.bjwxg.cn/  

Tags:Wukang Rd
Address:No.376 Wukang Rd.  WebSite:http://www.fergusonlane.com.cn/  

Tags:Wukang Rd
Address:No.1843 Middle Huaihai Road  Tel:021-64747183  WebSite:www.shsoong-chingling.com  

Tags:Former Residence of Soong Ching-ling
Address:No.53 Hengshan Road  
Address:80 Caoxi Rd.  Tel:(021)64874095  WebSite:http://www.library.sh.cn/fwzn/ylzn/index5.htm  
Address:No.190 Yuqing Road  

Tags:Yuqing Road
Address:No.40 Tianping Road  
Address:No.1327 Middle Fuxing Road  
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