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    • No.176 South Urumqi Road,Defour Apartments,Urumqi Apartments 安康公寓
Address:No.176 South Urumqi Road  
  • Ankang Apartments at No.176 South Urumqi Road, also known as Defour Apartments and Urumqi Apartments, was built in the 1930s. It is a modern apartment residence of the Art Deco style.

    On the facade of the building, the dark red bricks alternate with the greyish white cement surface, clearly showing the relationship between the wall and windows. The simple balcony breast boards and the smooth metal bars on the upper part of the breast boards set off each other, adding elegant details to the facade dominated by horizontal lines. The assistant single-flight stairs on the north facade is the most modern part of the facade. Simple stairs are between the smooth balcony railings and the beams supporting the floor walkways. This seemingly very functional treatment shows an extraordinary sense of midair. There is a formal porch in the middle of the apartment as the entrance. This is quite orthodox, but there are unexpected discoveries inside the apartment. There are mosaics on the floor and walls of the indoor public space and staircases. These mosaics are warm-toned and gradually varied. In spite of the coverage of dust, one can imagine the brilliant colors of the apartment when it was completed.

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    The original name Defour Apartments originated from the old road name Route Dufour. In 1954, it was renamed Urumqi Apartments. Due to the original Ankang Road on the north side (now Lane 41, Anting Road), it was known as Ankang Apartments.

    The apartment had long been inhabited by foreigners working in Shanghai, mostly middle-level and senior staff of foreign-owned companies. According to the records of North China Daily News, at least seven managers, deputy managers and presidents, two lawyers and legal advisors, one captain, one engineer, and several other senior staff lived here. Now it is a residence.

    On October 31, 2005, the site was announced by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as a Heritage Architecture in Shanghai.

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