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Address:Tianping Road- Taojiang Road  
  • Hengshan Road is located in the northeast of Xuhui District. It starts at Taojiang Road in the northeast where itis connected toBaoqing Road and extends to the intersection of Huashan Road and Zhaojiabang Road in the southwest. Itis then connectedto North Caoxi Road viaXujiahui Overpass.It crosses Dongping Road, South Urumqi Road, Gao’an Road, Wuxing Road, Wanping Road, Tianping Road,Shuijia Road, West Jianguo Road and Guangyuan Road. It also forms a T shape with Yuqing Road.Surfaced with asphalt, it measures 2,098 meters long and 21 to 22 meters wide. It is one of the main roads in Xuhui District. 

    It was transformed from vegetable field, wasteland, and small rivers by the Municipal French Council in 1922.At first, it was named after the French Marshal Petain. In October 1943, it was renamed for the famous mountain Hengshan in Hunan Province.

    There stand shady plane trees at both sides of the road along with garden houses and apartments, creating a strong exotic atmosphere. There isCommunity Church, Washington Apartments, Georgia Apartments and Cavendish Court on the south side and Libo Garden, Hengshan Hotel, Hengshan Apartment, and International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospitalon the north.

    Hengshan Road, Wanping Road, West Jianguo Road and Guangyuan Road together form a six-way intersection. At the center stands a monument commemorating Chinese railroad workers from the government of the state of Illinois.

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