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Address:No.11 Dongpin Road  
Opening Time:Bar: 11:00am –1:00am Restaurant: 6:00pm – later (last order 10:30pm) HH: 5:30pm –7:00pm (half price on drink, excl. premium)  
Web Site:sashas-shanghai.com  
  • As you approach the corner of Heng Shan Lu and Dong Ping Lu don’t be surprised if your eye catches one of Shanghai’s most luxurious and prestigious estates. Appropriately located at No. 11 Dong Ping Lu in Shanghai’s former French concession area sits one of the most famous Soong family mansions built at the turn of the century. With almost one hundred years of revolutionary history and legendary stories that precede our time, the beautiful European style, three story mansion is now home to Sasha’s Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge.

    In 1921, a Jewish businessman originally designed the European style residential building for a Mr. J. Rosenfeld Esq, but it wasn’t until December 1st 1927 that the Soong Family name would affiliate itself with such a memorable piece of property. Soong Ziwen, also known as Charlie Soong, bought the estate for his younger sister Soong Meiling and Husband Jiang Jieshi as a wedding gift. Although greatly appreciative of the gift, the couple frequently spent time away allowing the house to be used as venue for important meetings amongst the government officials. Unfortunately, around 1943 the house was sadly lost to the Japanese army who, during this revolutionary time period, occupied Shanghai. Almost seven years later in 1950, the people’s liberation gave back to the government of education, and the building became a music school. Decades later, the idea of foreign investment and opportunity in Shanghai became a very much realized reality to westerners who quickly capitalized when China opened its doors to the western world. Almost fifty years later in 1998, a group of expatriate businessman agreed to lease the house from the music school. After weeks of careful reconstruction the Soong Family Mansion was ready to open its doors but, but this time, with the name Sasha’s as it takes the stage with the opportunity to show off its British style fine dining and lounge atmosphere.

    Sasha’s downstairs bar and garden area offers a wide variety of cocktails, draught beer, premium cognac, and bar snacks. With a lounge style atmosphere, dim lights that set the mode, and surround sound music system of lounge house and chill vibes, the first floor and translucent garden allow our guests to sit back and become lost into the night. The second floor restaurant however, provides a much different atmosphere giving each guest the fine dining intimate experience that is much deserved. With its exquisite western style menu and collection of premium wine we’re sure to please even the most sophisticated appetite. But for those who wish to carry into the evening, Sasha’s third floor lounge provides the finishing touch. With an eclectic variety of music, top shelf cognac, high-end cigar’s straight from the humidor, and pastries for those with an undesirable craving for sweets allow for the perfect ending to a luxurious evening.

    So whether you feel like dining in the beautiful turn-of-the-century French mansion or sipping on exotic cocktails outside in our tranquil, historical garden, Sasha’s will set the mode for any occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for brunch, lunch, cocktails, or dinner Sasha’s Restaurant and Bar will satisfy you and your guest’s every need.

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