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The current site of the Art Center was originally the assembly workshop of the original Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory. It was built in the 1980s, and the roof was composed of two sets of spliced steel truss structures. The single span is about 28 meters and there is a skylight in the middle. The exterior walls are simple without decoration. Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory was built in February 1952. At that time, the aircraft assembly workshops, flight test sites, and hangars were all on the riverside. When the plane was about to fly, it was pulled out from the hangars and tested on the runway or the riverside. As early as September 1958, the Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory completed the manufacturing task of the first seaplane "Feilong 1", which took only 48 days.The original workshop was designed and transformed into the West Bund Art Center, which was officially opened to the public in 2015. The interior of the building completely retains the form of the original aircraft factory assembly workshop, showing the shock of the original space. On the other hand, the gables on the east and west facades are knocked through, meaning that this building with industrial heritage is opening to the city with a new form. The total floorage of the Art Center is 10,800 square meters. In addition to the two-storey main exhibition space, it also has VIP conference rooms, lecture rooms, exhibition stairs, parking lots, and other functional areas. At present, the Art Center has become an important part for the international art market, and the permanent venue for the West Bund Art and Design Expo.On August 17, 2015, it was designated by Shanghai Municipal People's Government as an Excellent Historical Building in Shanghai.


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