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  • This property was built in 1932.This roadside detached garden villa has a distinct Spanish style which is noticeable in both the general design and the specific details of the three-floor structure, such as the roof with red semicircular tiles or the small overhang of the eaves on the rim of small decorated struts to support the eaves and the small round window with green-glazed structural ornaments.Slender rectangular and semicircular doors and windows are everywhere to be seen on the different facades.The arc-shaped entrance by the street is an interesting sight as the platform over the entrance looks like a balcony. The walls feature dynamic contours and the corners have either arc-shaped or straight-line transitions and there appears to be no apparent rules to the structuring yet such style reflects the Spanish influence and is a favorite design in the old Western-style houses in Shanghai.

    Chen Danyan, a famous writer in Shanghai commented in her book that the villa at 210 Wukang Road has a balcony of love where Romeo would climb up to meet Juliet.Hence the small semicircular balcony on the second floor with wrought iron railings is nicknamed Romeo's balcony.This is a good example of how the urban architecture may help shape the local culture of the city.

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