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Address:No.314 Wuyuan Road  
  • No.314 Wuyuan Road, built in 1932, covers a floor area of 4,009 sq m and a building area of 1,562 sq m. It is a garden residence of the Gothic Revival style.

    The building is a three-floor detached garden residence with a double-pitch roof and a large porch at the entrance. The geometric patterns under the windows of the second floor have the characteristics of Art Deco style. The three vertical sections of the facade are asymmetrically arranged. There are three floors in the middle. The first floor has a protruding porch, with arches decorated with lines recessed layer by layer, stone side cabinets, and hexagonal lamp poles on both sides. The second floor has a balcony, and the third floor has a tiger head-shaped gable with a square window. On the right side, part protrudes forward, and the top floor has a balcony. The building adopts square or arched doors and windows and gray cement stucco outer walls, and is equipped with a children’s swimming pool and many other children’s sports facilities. There is a garden in front of the building.

    In 1949, Soong Ching-ling founded China Welfare Foundation Nursery here. It was moved out in 1950, relocated back in 1959 with a new name China Welfare Institute Kindergarten, and moved again to Jinqiao, Pudong in 1995. China Welfare Institute Office and Children’s Era magazine office moved here in 1996. At that time, a new row of buildings along the street was built to the south of the garden for use by “Children’s Era” magazine office, while China Welfare Institute used two old buildings. It is now used by the Soong Ching-ling Foundation.

    On October 31, 2005, the site was announced by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as a Heritage Architecture in Shanghai (under Class II Protection). On December 4, 2008, it was announced by Xuhui District People’s Government as a Cultural Relic Preservation Unit of Xuhui District.

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