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    • No.1331 Middle Fuxing Road,Blackstone Apartments 黑石公寓
Address:No.1331 Middle Fuxing Road  
  • No.1331 Middle Fuxing Road is an English-style reinforced concrete apartment. Built in 1926, it covers a building area of 4,700 sq m. Its name Blackstone Apartments originated from the black stones used in the filled wall body and some components.

    The five-floor building has a right-and-left symmetrical main facade, and above the terrace are arc-shaped balconies which become progressively smaller. On the first floor of the main facade is a protruding large open porch, which is the focal point of the facade and is rich in classicism. The terrace supported by stone-carved Corinthian double columns and the carved hollow balconies show the perfectly symmetrical overall structure. Above the porch is a terrace composed of three arcs of positive and negative bending. The central wall of the facade also in an arc shape and the curved gable and decorations in the middle of the roof show the Baroque style.

    After the Second World War, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration once worked here. Initiated by the United States and joined by 49 countries, the UNRRA was founded in Washington in November 1943, two years earlier than the establishment of the United Nations. It decided to rescue 38 post-war countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, with China as the focus.

    The first floor of the apartment was once used by Xuhui District Housing and Land Administration Bureau. Houses above the second floor are mostly for residents.

    On October 31, 2005, the building was announced by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as a Heritage Architecture in Shanghai.

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