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  • The construction of Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery experienced a rather longer historical period. When the “Remains of Longhua 24 Martyrs” were dug out from the Longhua area in 1950, the revolutionists of older generation just emerged a wish of constructing the Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery here to console the martyrs. In 1957, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Communist Party of China collected the overall design project of “Longhua Martyrs’ Cemetery” from the correlative designing institutes and universities of the whole nation, and worked out plans and preparations, but didn’t implement them due to some reasons.

    In 1963, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee of Communist Party of China drew up again to construct the memorial park of the Longhua Martyrs. At the original foundation of Longhua Park, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee made a requisition on land, encircled the park with fences, made the park green, and erected “a red rock” at the entrance of the park. In 1966, the plan was broken off because of “Cultural Revolution”.

    In Dec.1983, after Xia Zhixu, the wife of the martyr Zhao Shiyan, came to Longhua area of Shanghai, she submitted a memorial to central government and suggested to construct a Longhua Martyrs’ Cemetery. Deng Xiaoping wrote instructions on it on the 14th in that month. In Feb. of the next year, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Communist Party of China submitted the Asking For Instructions on Preparing to Construct The Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery and Report on Asking for Instructions on The Overall Designing Project of The Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council. And in Apr. 14 of the same year, the Central Committee approved it. In 1987, Jiang Zemin, who took the post as Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee at that time, arranged the work of preparing to construct the Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery in schedule. In Jan. 1988, the State Council authorized “Longhua Revolution Martyrs Memorial Palace” as the key unit of cultural relics under the national protection. In Oct. 1990, Jiang Zemin wrote “Loyal Hearts and Righteous Blood for The People” for the Monument of Longhua Martyrs’ Cemetery, and Deng Xiaoping wrote its name. In Feb. 1991, Chen Yun wrote the name for its Hall.

    In Oct. 1993, according to the instructions of the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China granted moving the Martyrs’ Cemetery of Shanghai City into the Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery so as to be constructed together. The completed Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery of Shanghai City would be the key unit of martyrs’ memorial building under national protection. In accordance with this instruction, the construction engineering of Longhua Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery started up on May 27, 1994. On Apr. 5, 1995, the civil engineering was completed. On July 1, it was opened to the society, and its memorial hall was opened to the public on May 28, 1997.

    she has suffered the great historical humiliation by the colonization and aggression of imperialist powers and the reactionaries’ activities of going against the trend of times. However, a large quantity of excellent Chinese offsprings contributed tremendous achievements for national liberation, prosperity and power, which have made her possess of extremely special honor.

    The solemn and stirring combat movement in modern history of Shanghai was composed of the cannons’ thunder of Wu Songkou, fluttering righteous flags of Penknife Party and repeated shots of Revolution of 1911.

    In Jul. 1921, the Communist Party of China was solemnly founded in Shanghai, which was an earth-shattering great event. And since then Shanghai City has become a famous city of revolution in modern China and one of the main forts of the Chinese workers’ movements, the revolutionary movements of culture and the patriotic democracy movements of all democratic strata. In the new-democratic revolution movement led by Communist Party of China, the people of Shanghai followed in the steps of the glorious dead, struggled bravely, and finally gained victories of resisting foreign invasions and of the people’ liberation cause. When it entered the socialism period, the people of Shanghai achieved outstanding merits one after another, and created refulgence again in defending and constructing our country.

    On the beloved land of Shanghai, numerous Chinese Communists and the people with high ideals of all political parties, groups and strata initiated the great undertaking of lasting importance with their own blood and lives, and fostered a kind of lofty nation quality, revolutionary spirit and lofty manner. A martyr is just a monument of life. She makes clear to all: the road that the martyrs had walked through is the road of struggling, exploring and pursuing the truth ceaselessly, and a glorious road for life.

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