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Address:No.11 Dongping Road  
  • No.11 Dongping Road, built in 1921, is a Dutch-style garden residence.

    The building has a typical mansard roof, and there are dormers with cornices on it. French-style buildings pay attention to decorations and have the characteristics of symmetry and dignity. The south facade of the building originally has a large terrace which is now installed with glass doors and windows. In front of the residence is a large garden full of various plants.

    The building was the private residence of Soong Tse-ven in the 1920s. Soong Tse-ven had a number of residences in Shanghai at that time, and two French-style buildings were his favorite: one at No.145 Yueyang Road and the other at No.11 Dongping Road. Both of them have mansard roofs, and their styles are somewhat similar.

    Today’s Dongping Road is called “the first street of lovers in Shanghai” because it is elegant and quiet without buses. Some people say that from one end to the other of the road, one can always walk with the most leisurely mood and pace. The film Leaving Me, Loving You starring Leon Lai and Faye Wong was shot at No.11 Dongping Road. This mansion with rich aristocratic temperament has been meticulously decorated and transformed into a restaurant where ordinary people can visit and consume.

    On October 31, 2005, the site was announced by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as a Heritage Architecture in Shanghai.

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