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Address:Lane 200, Yueyang Road  
  • Lane 200, Yueyang Road, designed by Leonard, Veysseyre & Kruze and built by Fonciere et Immobiliere de Chine in 1930, is a modern-style apartment lane residential area.

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    Lane 200, Yueyang Road is located at the junction of West Jianguo Road and Yueyang Road, the center of the French Concession in old Shanghai. Not far ahead is Xiangyang Road, the most artistic street in old Shanghai. Shanghai Conservatory of Music which has cultivated numerous talents is right here. Close to the foreign consular area, there are many former residences of celebrities in nearby areas, and most of these buildings are listed as units under protection. Each of them is the essence in the long history. At that time, the building was a dormitory for bank employees. It has a half-timbered structure, and its facades are serrated. Corner windows are adopted to ensure that each household has a south-facing window. The appearance is simple, and the walls are covered with cement stucco. With a flat roof, each unit has a large garden. There were a total of two floors, with two households sharing one staircase. During the reconstruction in 1999, two more floors were added.

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    On February 15, 1994, the site was announced by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as a Heritage Architecture in Shanghai.

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