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Address:No.1, Lane 1, Yueyang Road  
  • No.1, Lane 1, Yueyang Road is a three-floor garden villa facing south designed by Fonciere et Immobiliere de Chine, built by Sino-French Construction Factory and completed in 1936. It is said that the building was designed by the Frenchman Leonard. Although it may take some time to verify this, the building is in line with Leonard’s design philosophy dominated by “roundness”: round corner terraces, round corner balconies and cylindrical buildings.

    3 岳阳路170弄1号花园别墅11.jpg

    The building has a brick-and-concrete structure. Through the long balcony on the second floor, the half-convex-concave balcony on the third floor and the semi-circular terrace on the west side, the facade shows changeful spatial levels. The entrance lobby is decorated with Chinese-style painted check-shaped caissons. The front and rear rows have a unified style. There is a fake third floor, and the scaly wall is covered with cement mortar. Indoor decorations are of the Spanish style. The garden residence was inhabited by retired military cadres for a long time, and has been subleased to companies in recent years.

    3 岳阳路170弄1号花园别墅21.jpg

    On September 23, 1999, the site was announced by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as a Heritage Architecture in Shanghai.

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