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Address:Wukang Road- Changshu Road  
  • Wuyuan Road is an east-west road in the north of Xuhui District, running from Changshu Roadto Wukang Road. Itintersects Middle Urumqi Road and forms a T shape with Yongfu Road.Surfaced with asphalt, it measures 820 meters long and 15 to 16 meters wide. 

    The road was built in the 1930s and named Route Mgr Maresca after anItalian missionary whose Chinese name is Zhao Fangji. In October 1943, it was renamed after Wuyuan County of Suiyuan Province, nowpart of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

    It was originally a gravel road. In 1973, the roadbed was raised and both sidewalks were paved with concrete blocks. After 1980, the section from MiddleUrumqi Road eastwards was once turned into a farmers’ market.

    Plane trees line both sides of the road, along with garden houses, new-style lilongs and apartments. There are high-end garden houses on the west of Middle Urumqi Road andnew-style lilongs and stores on the east. On the north side of WuyuanRoad isZhongbo Building, Liberty Apartments and Chinese Welfare Association while on the south Wuyuan Xincun, Laisi Nancun, and Xiefa Apartment.

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