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Address:Wuyuan Road-Hunan Road  
  • Yongfu Road is located in the north of Xuhui District. It starts at Wuyuan Road in the north and ends at Hunan Road in the south. As it extends from the northeast to the southwest, itcrosses West Fuxing Road, with a slight curve in the middle.Surfaced with asphalt, it measures 485 meters long and 13.5 to 16 meters wide.

    It was built out of farmland by the Municipal French Councilin the 1920s and 1930s. At a board meeting in 1926, the Municipal French Councildecided to name it Route Pere Huc after the French missionary who had traveled from Mongolia to Tibet on an expedition. In October 1943, it was renamed Yongfu Road after a county in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

    Originally paved with asphalt, it was resurfaced with asphalt concretein 1982. The major repair in 2003 brought it to what it is today. 

    Plane trees line both sides of the road, along with garden houses, apartments and new-style lilongs. There is Shanghai Education Publishing House, Consulate General of Germanyin Shanghai and Shanghai Library on the east side and Shanghai Film Group Corporation and Liangyou Apartmenton the west.

    Short as the road is, the elegant and exquisitehouses in diverse styles have never to impress viewers and make them linger. 

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