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Address:No.116,Wuyuan Road  
  • Built in 1930, it is a Spanish style garden residence covering an area of 441 m2.It has a three-storey brick-wood structure. The red pottery imbrex slope roof has multiple eave architraves on the north and south sides, the lower one of which is crenated. There are two Spanish style chimneys on the roof. The southwest part is projecting, with a bay window lobby on the ground floor, above which is a splayed balcony; the same as the second-floor balcony on the southeast, its ornamental cast iron fence has been heightened at the top. Arched windows are largely adopted; some are triplet window groups. All the windows have concave frames, with a rhombic stone in the middle of the window head. The façade is glorified by the mimic stone carving at the main entrance. The gate post is a pair of twisted rope-shaped lamppost sculpts, and the lintel is decorated with a Baroque-style elliptical shield and flower reliefs. Arched doors are largely adopted indoors, and the small arched windows on the doors are well preserved.It is now used by some unit. On April 27, 2017, it was designated as a Cultural Relic Protection Site in Xuhui District by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Xuhui District, Shanghai.


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