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Address:Lane 76,Wuyuan Road  
  • Built in 1937, it is a new lane residence in modern style.The building was named Huadi Mansion because it was built by China State Bank. With a brick-wood structure, the building is in an Art Deco style. It has 5 buildings and 14 dwelling units arranged in north-south direction, with a slope roof covered with flat tiles. The façade is brushed with cement, and the boundary of the corner and the living units is furnished with chimney. There is a built-in balcony and the windows have pointing with lines to highlight the horizontal composition.The Lane 76 and No. 72 & No. 74 are collectively referred to as Huacun Lane 1.Now it is a civilian residence. On August 17, 2015, it was designated by Shanghai Municipal People's Government as an Excellent Historical Building in Shanghai.


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