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Address:No.1180-1184,Middle Fuxing Road  
  • Built in 1921, with slight modern style, it was designed by the Allied Architects Shanghai, covering an area of 806 m2 and a floor space of 2,287 m2.It has a four-storey mixed structure and a slightly square plane. The eastern and southern sides face the street, with the corners wiped off. The ground floor is used as a store; the second floor and above are furnished with embedded balconies, with red sidelines decorated on the top and bottom. It has square windows, bare red-brick walls, and a flat roof.After completion, the ground floor of the apartment was used for stores. The largest store at that time was at the main corner of the building—the current intersection between Mid. Fuxing Road and Shaanxi Road South, No. 1180 of Route Lafayette, i.e. Baolun Pharmacy. The Pharmacy sometimes advertised on Shun Pao, and later became a designated medical insurance retail pharmacy—Huifeng Pharmacy, and expanded to No. 1182 of Mid. Fuxing Road. As the pharmacy occupied the main entrance, the residents upstairs usually went in the building from the back. Most of the residents at that time were immigrants. According to the record of 1936, “Room 1: R. Ungern; Room 5: C. D. H. Bottelier; Room 8: A. Szentivangi.” The only record of 1937 is Capt.; the record of 1938 is a couple: Mr. & Mrs. N. E. B. Olofsen, and that of 1939 and 1940 is B. Poliansky, with “Room 14” added in 1940; in 1941, the resident A. Marinaro was added to “Room 16” of No. 372; the name “Mico Apts.” also appeared under No. 378 of Avenue du Roi Albert; Room 11 was occupied by Mr. & Mrs. L. M. Korotkevitch and Miss T. Korotkevitch.  The rental affairs were once handled by Maohua Realty Co., Ltd., which was recorded in some newspapers.It is now a civilian residence. On April 27, 2017, it was designated as a Cultural Relic Protection Site in Xuhui District by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Xuhui District, Shanghai.

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