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Address:Residence at Lane 1200,Middle Huaihai Road  
  • Built in 1929, it is a new lane residence.It has 11 buildings in three rows in the front and rear. The building has a brick-wood structure, the layout of the lane is compact, and there is a separate small garden in front. There are 3 garden townhouses along the main lane on the Huaihai Road, with the red-tile slope roof, dormer windows, and walls made of undecorated red bricks. On the northwest side in the lane, there are 6 new lane residences with slope roofs. The entrances, balconies and window frames on the south facade are decorated in western style. There are 2 garden residences in the northeast corner, with slope roof and walls brushed with cement. The fireplace chimney and its decorative patterns on the west facade of the building are the unique composition elements of the building.The set of buildings were once the property of Gu Weijun, a famous Chinese diplomat. After buying the property, he rented it to foreigners for making profits. Gu Weijun (1888~1985), a native of Jiading, Jiangsu. After returning to China in 1912, he served as Secretary of the Cabinet of the President, Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee. In 1919 and 1921, Gu Weijun attended the Paris Peace Conference and Washington Conference as a member of the Chinese delegation and made a contribution to the protection of the rights and interests of the Chinese nation. In June 1945, he attended the San Francisco Conference, participated in the drafting of the Charter of the United Nations, and represented China to sign on the Charter of the United Nations. Later, he served as the representative of the Kuomintang government to the United Nations. From 1956 to 1967, he served as a judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague and a vice president of the International Court of Justice.Now it is a civilian residence. On August 17, 2015, it was designated by Shanghai Municipal People's Government as an Excellent Historical Building in Shanghai.

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