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Address:Garden Residence at No 2,Lane 188,Changshu Road  
  • built in 1932,it is a British style garden residence covering an area of 370 m2.It has a pseudo four-storey brick-wood structure and light yellow cement roughcast walls. The eastern and western exterior walls of the second floor have rectangular bay windows with gable slope roofs; the two rooms in the middle of the southern side are projecting, and the second floor originally had an open interior balcony, with pointed arch window openings on three sides; there is an arc stairway on the west leading to the garden. The third floor is a sunshine hall with windows on three sides. The ground floor is a base floor, with bare red-brick exterior walls.The residence is equipped with a kitchen and service rooms.It was originally the private residence of Yu Hua (the elder brother of Yu Dafu), the famous judge of Shanghai during the Anti-Japanese War. Yu Hua (1884~1939), born in Fuyang County, Zhejiang, once served as the judge of the Northeast Branch of the High Court of Justice, Section Chief of the Ministry of Justice, and Presiding Judge of the Northeast Branch of the Supreme Judicial Court. Yu was assassinated as he wouldn’t associate with the then authorities, being the first Chinese senior judicial officer murdered by the secret service of Wang Jingwei within Shanghai Concession. In October 1952, the Central People's Government recognized the brothers of Yu Hua and Yu Dafu as revolutionary martyrs.It is now a civilian residence. On April 27,2017,it was designated as a Cultural Relic Protection Site in Xuhui District by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Xuhui District,Shanghai.

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