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Address:Residence at No.283,Wuyuan Road  
  • Built in 1946, this modern style garden residence is in a four-storey reinforced concrete structure, covering an area of 469 m2. It was an Italian club before Anti-Japanese War, and was later purchased by the steel king, Zhu Hengqing, redesigned and reconstructed, and became this three-storey garden house in 1948. According to Zhu Wenqi (the eldest daughter of Zhu Hengqing), her father invested 600 tons of steel to be the framework of this house, which fairly shows its firmness.The main building is on the south, the kitchen on the west, and the garage on the north. There are three rooms in the east, middle, and west on the ground floor of the main building, separated by sliding doors. There is a big garden and two tennis courts outside the house. Inside the garden, there is a lawn, several camphor trees in the middle, and Buxus sinica trees and hollies on both sides, which looks quite elegant.After liberation, the building was used as a motorcycle barrack the armed police of Shanghai, and was returned to the original owner in 1982. Zhu Hengqing (1902~1986), Manager of the original Maoxing Iron and Steel Plant, once lived here.It is now a civilian residence. On December 31, 2015, it was designated as a Cultural Relic Protection Site in Xuhui District by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Xuhui District, Shanghai.


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