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Address:Building 2 and 3 of the Residence at No.80,Yuqing Road  
  • Built in 1932, these were Spanish style garden residences covering an area of 255 m2.They have a three-storey brick-concrete structure, with red-tile small slope roofs. There are large flues through to the roof on both the east and west external walls. Triplet steel doors and windows are largely used for the main façade; and notched semi-circular pilasters are adopted between the windows; some pilasters go up through the three storeys. The external walls were originally covered with plain-color cement mortar. There is a group of triplet arched doors and windows at the entrance, also with notched pilasters between the windows. Above the porch are the small balconies on the second and third floors; the plate-type fences inlaid with green-glazed tiles are partly projecting, which is fairly unique.The Building 3 in the courtyard of No. 80, Yuqing Road originally belonged to the housing cluster of Lane 75, Tianping Road, and was later transferred to the management of the air unit of Nanjing Military Region.It is now used by some unit. On April 27, 2017, it was designated as a Cultural Relic Protection Site in Xuhui District by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Xuhui District, Shanghai.

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