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Fenyang Road is located in the northeast of Xuhui District. It starts at Middle Huaihai Road andheads south until it crossesMiddleFuxing Road and Taiyuan Road. When it arrives at Taiyuan Intersection, it turns west and extends to Yueyang Road in the south and Taojiang Road in the north, forming a zigzag.Surfaced with asphalt, it measures 815 meters long and 14 to 15 meters wide.

Fenyang Road was an extra-settlement road built by theMunicipal French Councilin 1902 as Route Pichon, named afterthe then French Ambassador to China. In October 1943, it was renamed after Fenyang County in Shanxi Province. It remained a dirt road until 1904 when it was paved with stone. Several renovationshave brought it to what it is today. 

The road is tranquil, lined with plane trees as well as garden houses on both sides. One of the oldest garden houses in Shanghai stands at No.3 of the No.9 Lane. The building at No.45Fenyang Road was the residence of Ding Guitang,Deputy President of China’s General Administration of Customs, and that at No.79 the seat of Municipal French Council.There is Shanghai Customs College, Fenyang Road Telephone Office, New Fenyang Apartment, Shanghai Arts and Crafts Institute, and Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University on the east side, and Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Art Institute, and Fenyang Middle School on the west.

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