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This industrial architecture is located in Xujiahui Park, No. 839, Hengshan Road. 28 m in height, it was originally the fume extractor of Ta Chung Hua Rubber Factory. During the reconstruction of Xujiahui Park, Shanghai Landscape Design Institute wrapped the chimney with a kind of fiber-cloth-like special material for anticorrosion and reinforcement, and increased the chimney height by 11 m by installing a stainless steel conical unit on the top, hollowed out and filled with optical fibers.Ta Chung Hua Rubber Factory was jointly founded by Yu Zhiqing, and Xie Fuji and Wu Zhesheng, the Chinese businessman in Japan, in 1926. It was an early large-scale rubber industry enterprise in China. In 1928, Xue Fuji served as the manager, Wu Zhesheng as the factory director, and Xue Yangqing as the chief technician. With 83 employees, the factory was put into production on October 30,producing nearly 1,000 pairs of galoshes every day. The “Double Coin” trademark was adopted, which was approved in October 1929.In 1935,it took the lead in China to carry out mass production of “Double Coin” auto tires. By the founding of new China, the company owned 6 manufacturing factories, 3 raw material factories, and 2 machinery factories, with over 4,000 employees; there were another 2 independent raw material factories; the old factory in Xujiahui was known as No. 1 Ta Chung Hua Rubber Factory.After the public-private joint management in 1954, it was gradually expanded into a professional factory producing various types of auto tires, and was later moved to the suburb.Now the site is Xujiahui Park. On December 31, 2015, it was designated as a Cultural Relic Protection Site in Xuhui District by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Xuhui District, Shanghai.


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